About Me

Hey, my name is Blake. I’m 19 years old and live in Australia. I stumbled upon Tumblr back in 2010 and it’s basically become my favourite website. My tumblr doesn’t have any certain theme, I just post mainly what I find awesome or PRIMAWESOME. You’ll mostly find gaming and superhero related things though.

When I’m not on Tumblr I like to play games. I have a 3DS and PS3 that I play. I don’t have many games for the 3DS since I bought it recently, but right now I have Pokemon Y, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Super Mario 3D Land, Street Fighter and Super Pokemon Rumble. If you wish to add me for Pokemon or something, my Friend Code is 0705-3222-4370, add and message me your code so I can add you back.

On PS3, I don’t really play any online multiplayer games, but my PSN ID is PRIMAWESOME if you wish to add me. Some of my favourite games are the BioShock series, Batman Arkham series, Borderlands 1-2, Rayman Origins/Legends, Portal 2, Dead Space 1-3, Darksiders 1-2, LEGO Batman series and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

I also play League of Legends. I don’t play ranked much, just normals mainly. I’m on the OCE server, since I’m an Aussie, just mentioning in case you want to add me and not on my server. I like playing mainly Jungle. My favourite champion is Skarner. Skar-Skar-Skarner!

I recently bought Borderlands 2 GOTY for PC, since it lags too much on my PS3. I have been playing that a lot and currently a level 57 Psycho. I also managed to transfer my level 52 Gunzerker save from the PS3 to PC. If you want to add me on Steam, my name is PRIMAWESOME.

If you read all this, then you must be following me and/or curious, so thanks!